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Is it Time for a Check-Up?

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original-3Good oral health is a combination of maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine at home and making sure that you come in to see one of Apple Dental’s experienced dentists, or hygienist, at regular intervals. There are many benefits to having regular checkups with your dentist, they include:

  • identifying problem areas before they become an issue and start causing discomfort,
  • preserving your natural teeth for longer as restorative work will be less extensive if the problem is identified in its early stages,
  • reducing the cost of treatment as you are less likely to require lengthy and complicated procedures,
  • improving and maintaining good dental health which also helps to protect your general health.

If you are overdue for a checkup, or if you have a niggling problem or question about how to improve your smile, you can easily make an appointment at Apple Dental by contacting us on 9420 5050. Appointments can also be made online through our website at

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