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Do You Store Your Toothbrush in the Right Place?

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3We hope you are already replacing your toothbrush frequently, to ensure you can brush your teeth thoroughly, but have you thought about how you store your toothbrush? Storing your toothbrush correctly can make a real difference to your oral hygiene as a damp brush is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

What to Do After You Have Finished Brushing Your Teeth
Make sure you thoroughly rinse your toothbrush to remove all toothpaste and any food debris. Store it in an upright position where the air can circulate freely. This will ensure it dries as quickly as possible, reducing the build-up of bacteria. Make sure it doesn’t touch anyone else’s toothbrush while drying as this will transfer bacteria. Never let anyone else use your toothbrush, even close family members.

Keep the Toilet Seat Down!
If your toothbrush is stored close to a toilet, ensure the lid is down before you flush. This is because the flushing action pushes out a plume of bacteria and if your brush is nearby, these bacteria will thrive on its damp surface. Ideally, it is best to store your toothbrush well away from the toilet.

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