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Dentistry and Your Health

Dentistry and Your Health

Did you know that your oral health is closely linked to potential problems with your overall wellbeing? Or that with close attention to the condition of your mouth at your regular examinations, the Apple Dental team can diagnose potential problems with your general health?

Staying informed about potential changes in your health is just another reason we recommend you attend regular preventive dental care appointments.

Recent research suggests that the oral bacteria in your mouth, as well as the inflammation which is caused by severe gum disease, may be linked to other general health problems. And conversely, some diseases such as diabetes can lower your body’s resistance to infection, which can potentially make any oral health problems much worse.

For example, it’s now thought that heart disease, clogged arteries, and an increased risk of stroke are all conditions which can be exacerbated by infections from oral bacteria. If you have diabetes, your body’s ability to resist infection will be lowered, which means you may have a greater risk of developing gum disease.

Pregnant women may be at risk of experiencing premature birth, and low birth weight babies, if they are suffering from gum disease. And for older patients, osteoporosis, a condition which causes your bones to become brittle and weak, is now thought to be linked with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss.

Most seriously, oral cancer may start out with symptoms which are too minor for you to easily notice of your own accord. In many cases, the first signs of oral cancer are tiny red or white spots or sores in your mouth, affecting your gums, tongue, lips or the inside of your cheeks. The Apple Dental team will carry out a routine screening for oral cancer at your regular appointments at our Lane Cove practice. By keeping a close eye on the changing condition of your mouth, we can catch any potentially cancerous or precancerous lesions early, which can aid your chances of successful treatment.

Because of these close links between your oral and overall health, it’s very important that you tell the Apple Dental team about any medication you’re taking, and if you have any illnesses or chronic conditions like diabetes.

During your routine preventive dental examinations at Apple Dental, we will take note of any clues which may indicate serious health issues. For example, if your tooth enamel is worn down, it could be a sign of that you suffer from the potentially serious condition of bruxism, or teeth grinding. Swollen or receding gums may be an early indicator of diabetes, and sores in your mouth that don’t heal could indicate oral cancer.

To help us monitor your oral and general health effectively, we recommend you schedule an appointment with Apple Dental every six months, for a comprehensive examination of your mouth and professional scale and clean.