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What is Xerostomia or Dry Mouth?

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Xerostomia or dry mouth is a condition where insufficient saliva is produced to keep the mouth clean, moist and comfortable. Saliva is vital for good oral health because it helps to maintain a neutral pH, washes away old skin cells and loose food particles, and it helps you to chew and swallow food. Without sufficient saliva, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases. Unfortunately, some medical conditions as well as over-the-counter and prescription medicines can reduce saliva flow.

How Apple Dental Can Help

Our dental team will work with you to minimise your risk of dental problems while maintaining optimal dental health. Useful strategies include additional hygiene appointments as regularly removing plaque reduces the risk of dental disease. We can prescribe artificial saliva to help you feel more comfortable and can discuss self-help strategies. For example, chewing sugar-free gum or sucking sugar-free sweets can help to stimulate saliva flow. Keeping well-hydrated, avoiding spicy or acidic or astringent foods may be beneficial. A humidifier in your bedroom will help reduce the effects of xerostomia during sleep when the mouth is naturally drier.

If you have xerostomia, please contact us so we can help you feel more comfortable while protecting your smile.

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