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Why Get a Root Canal Treatment?

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april1You May Need Root Canal Therapy to Save an Infected Tooth

Toothache is utterly miserable and is often a sign of an infection deep inside a tooth, right in the pulp. This is the part of the tooth that contains all the nerves which extend right into the root canals in the tooth roots. When infection is present it must be cleared up in order to preserve the tooth and root canal treatment is a very effective way to achieve this.

What to Expect

Here at Apple Dental we use advanced techniques to remove the infected pulp, clearing out all the bacteria in this area, right into the root canals. After disinfecting the area we will place a temporary filling for a few weeks, just to make sure all the infection has cleared up before permanently restoring the tooth with a crown so you can eat and speak normally. Once the tooth is fully restored, it should last for many years although there is always a small risk of re-infection.

We know people are often worried about having root canal treatment, but it should not feel any worse than having a filling. There is a small possibility your tooth may feel slightly sore for a few days afterwards as it settles down. An infected tooth can be extremely painful and this treatment will relieve discomfort. We strongly suggest seeking treatment as soon as you can if you do have toothache so we can help you. Sometimes it can seem as if the toothache has disappeared but this could be because the infection has killed the nerves in the tooth. Unfortunately the infection can remain and could spread causing an abscess.

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