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Do White Teeth Really Mean Healthy Teeth?

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Healthy Teeth

White teeth are often perceived as being a sign of youthfulness, but they don’t necessarily mean that teeth are healthy and strong. Dental health is about far more than just having a beautiful set of pearly whites. While white teeth might not have any visible evidence of tooth decay, some areas are hidden from view and then there are your gums to consider; all teeth need healthy gums for support.

Why Healthy Teeth Need Healthy Gums

Teeth can be beautifully white, but unless your gums are strong and free from disease they are in danger of being lost. Your gums are meant to fit snugly around your teeth. They should feel firm to the touch and be a healthy pink colour.

Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss and is where gums become inflamed and infected, and begin to bleed and fit less snugly around the teeth. One of the main problems with gum disease is that it is often a ‘silent disease’ meaning the first symptoms are easy to ignore or simply miss. This is why we recommend our patients visit us at regular intervals for check-ups and professional cleanings.

Regular Check-ups Mean Healthy Teeth and Gums

Regular dental check-ups enable our dentists to see if you have any signs of gum disease. This condition can often be completely eradicated if caught early on but otherwise may soon become chronic, requiring on-going dental care to help control it.

Even though gum disease is common, you don’t have to develop this condition. With professional dental care, you can have a smile that is truly healthy.

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