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When to Get Root Canal Treatment?

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A chipped or cracked tooth or a tooth that has lost a filling should always be repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there is the risk of the tooth becoming infected at which stage it will need root canal treatment. This is necessary when the infection penetrates deep inside the tooth, reaching the dental pulp which contains the tooth nerve. The infection can spread from the pulp into the root canals of the tooth, right inside its roots. An infected tooth can be very painful and without prompt professional dental care, there is the risk you may lose the tooth. Your body cannot eliminate this infection without medical help and there is the risk it could spread, affecting your general health.

What to Expect When Receiving Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment will get rid of the infection and pain so your tooth can be fully restored. Using special instruments, the pulp and root canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and topical antibiotics are inserted into the empty pulp chamber to ensure all bacteria are removed. Your tooth will be temporarily sealed for up to six weeks until we are sure it is free from infection. Once your tooth has settled down, it can be fully restored with a beautiful dental crown, so you can smile, talk and eat in complete comfort.

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