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What You Need to Know about Children’s Teeth

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apple-4-2Here at Apple Dental we love seeing children and work closely with parents to provide great preventative dental care. Your children’s primary teeth are very important, even though they only last a few years, as healthy milk teeth ensure their adult teeth can develop normally.

Why Milk Teeth Matter

Without healthy milk teeth, your child may struggle to learn to eat and talk properly and the pain of toothache is unpleasant at any age. If their milk teeth are lost to soon there is an increased risk that their adult teeth will come through crooked and will require orthodontic treatment.

Every Child Receives a Personalised Treatment Plan at Apple Dental

This is why we like to see children from a very young age so we can work out a preventative dental care plan. We will show you the best way to keep their teeth thoroughly clean until they are old enough to brush on their own. As soon as their teeth come into contact, you will need to floss in between them and most children require help with flossing until about age 10 when they develop sufficient dexterity to floss on their own. As they grow older, we can work with your child to show them how to brush and floss properly. By ensuring they have great dental care from an early age, they should be able to enjoy a healthy smile for life.

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