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What to Expect When Getting a Filling

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april3The procedure for filling a tooth is very straightforward and Apple Dental will make sure you are kept completely comfortable with a local anaesthetic. Our dentist will carefully remove any tooth decay and damaged tooth structure, preserving your healthy tooth.

Once the tooth is prepared, we can begin applying the filing material, using colours that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the tooth. The material is applied in small increments so it can be hardened with a special light. Once complete, it is shaped and polished and will be just about invisible. We only use the most advanced filling materials that are hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Initially your new filling might feel slightly strange, but you should soon become accustomed to it and will be completely unaware it is there. Fillings last for several years before they eventually need replacing and we will check its condition during your regular dental examinations.

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