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What to do if you’re afraid of the dentist

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Many people are embarrassed to admit they’re afraid of going to the dentist. They think they’re the only ones who are scared and end up suffering for too long when something goes wrong with their teeth. Some fears start in early childhood but they can also be passed on by parents who had bad dental experiences themselves.

Turns out that dental anxieties are amazingly common with around one in six Australians dreading the dentist’s chair and avoiding regular checkups. But here’s the thing – dental treatments are so much better than they were even a decade or two ago and your Apple Dental dentist has seen and heard it all. Not only that, they have all kinds of techniques these days to make you feel more relaxed while your teeth are being treated. So don’t let your dental problems multiply just because you’re feeling nervous, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and your dentist can help you.

Our dentists know how to help

Many Apple Dental practitioners agree that one of their greatest satisfaction is being able to make someone who was seriously anxious, feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair. It’s extremely important that individuals get the dental treatment they need before it becomes too big of an issue. If you maintain regular checkups with a dentist, smaller complications can avoid becoming bigger ones which need more serious or invasive treatment.

What treatments are available to help with dental anxiety?

There are a range of ways that Apple Dental dentists help dental phobic patients to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the chair. For people with mild anxieties, happy gas can be the answer. The gas is inhaled through a small nose piece and produces a feeling of deep relaxation. There is also the option of oral sedation, a pill that you take before your appointment.

For more severe anxieties and people requiring a long or complex procedure, IV sedation (sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry) is useful. While you’re conscious during the treatment, it puts you into a sleep-like state where you’ll remember very little afterwards. Recovery is also a lot faster than general anaesthetic.

Don’t delay your appointment any longer, call 02 9420 5050 or book online today to visit a dentist who can accommodate your needs.

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