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Top Ten Benefits of Wheatgrass

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feb4Wheatgrass is the young grass of the wheat plant and while you can juice the stalks, they are also available in a powder, tablet or capsule form which can be much more convenient. Nutrient dense wheatgrass can be consumed or even applied topically but it is very potent and you shouldn’t start drinking any more than 1oz a day and 2oz is plenty to get the maximum health benefits. So what are the benefits of wheatgrass?

  1. Lose weight through drinking wheatgrass or by taking supplements as wheatgrass helps manage the thyroid gland.
  2. Reduce food cravings. Wheatgrass contains so many nutrients your body is less likely to crave other foods. A shot of juice in the morning can help prevent overeating.
  3. Treat eczema and psoriasis by adding wheatgrass juice to a warm bath or by freezing it into cubes and rubbing affected areas with an ice cube of the juice.
  4. Stimulate your circulation as wheatgrass can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  5. Improve immunity as wheatgrass helps to increase red blood cells, boosting your body’s immunity and ability to fight infections.
  6. Wheatgrass can help you detox due to its high alkalinity.
  7. Improve your mood as wheatgrass is rich in iron. An iron deficiency can make you feel fatigued and unenthusiastic about life. Wheatgrass will help fight depression which is also linked to a lack of iron.
  8. Improve your nail health as wheatgrass boosts circulation and iron levels, allowing blood to travel more freely to your nails.
  9. Slow down the aging process as wheatgrass has plenty of antioxidants which help to neutralise free radicals.
  10. Improve your exercise routine as the chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps to boost oxygen in your blood so you can exercise more strenuously.

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