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Tips to Boost Your Confidence Right Now!

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Confidence If your confidence could do with a quick boost, read these easy tips.

  1. Spritz on your favourite fragrance, as 90% of women feel more confident when wearing scent.
  2. Strike a power pose by throwing your hands up in the air! Holding this wide stance for just two minutes will give you an instant confidence boost.
  3. Listening to music can make you feel more confident and powerful, especially when you choose bass-heavy songs.
  4. If you can’t step outside without your lucky charm bracelet, then go ahead and embrace your superstitions. Holding onto favourite lucky charms or even performing rituals can help to boost your self-confidence.
  5. Make time for exercise as working out can increase confidence levels while reducing stress.
  6. Use your imagination to raise your confidence levels by visualising your future success. Experts think this can prep your brain for a positive outcome.
  7. Practice makes perfect so make sure you rehearse for the task at hand, whether that’s giving a presentation or public speaking rather than just relying on natural talent.
  8. Don’t forget to smile which can help relieve stress while making you appear more confident and more attractive.

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