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Don’t Believe The Rumours: The Truth About Root Canal Treatment!

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The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

If you need to undergo root canal treatment, we’ve got good news for you – this procedure is no more painful than having a filling and can result in complete relief from the pain of a damaged tooth.

In this article, we’re exposing the three most common myths about having a root canal procedure, so you can proceed with confidence and enjoy the pain-relieving benefits that root canal treatment can bring.

Myth 1: Root canal treatment is painful

If you’re nervous about root canal treatment because you’ve heard it’s a painful procedure, we’ve got good news for you – today’s root canal treatments are generally no more painful than having a normal filling.

The myth about root canal treatment being painful stems from decades ago, when a lack of advanced technology or modern anaesthetics made this procedure a lot more pain-inducing. As this is no longer the case, you don’t need to fear the pain of a root canal treatment.

It’s also important to remember that root canal treatment is undertaken to relieve pain, as most patients will be experiencing severe toothache prior to their treatment due to the damaged tooth. Root canal treatment will alleviate the pain and discomfort you’ve been feeling, so will result in you being pain-free.

Myth 2: Root canal treatment can cause illness

You may have heard misinformation suggesting that root canal treatment can increase your risk of becoming ill or contracting a disease in the future. In fact, this untrue claim is based on now-debunked research conducted nearly a hundred years ago!

If you’ve been putting off having root canal treatment as a result of hearing these rumours or reading them on the internet, rest assured there is no evidence linking this procedure to the development of disease in any other part of the body.

Myth 3: It’s better to remove the tooth than to have root canal treatment

Whenever we’re dealing with a damaged tooth, the preferable option is usually to save the natural tooth if possible rather than to remove it. An artificial substitute will never completely replace the look or function of your real tooth, which is why root canal treatment is often the best solution.

Root canal treatment has a high success rate and, in many cases, the treated teeth will last a lifetime. It’s also worth considering that replacing a removed tooth with a bridge or implant will require a lengthier treatment time and may require additional procedures to other teeth and gum tissue.

Your Apple Dental practitioner can provide you with more information on root canal treatment, including what’s involved and how much your treatment will cost. To make an appointment, book online now.

Please note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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