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The Secret To Straight Teeth Without Anyone Knowing

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Getting straight teeth as an adult is possible, but it’s not something most adults want to face. The idea of walking into a corporate business meeting or first date while wearing braces is an embarrassing one. So does this mean you have to choose between being embarrassed about braces or being embarrassed by crooked teeth? Not anymore. Everyone should have the smile that they dream of and not having braces as a child or a teenager doesn’t mean you can’t straighten them now in a more discreet way. How can you get straight teeth without the pain, discomfort and the eyesore of permanent adult braces? You’ll be happy to know that you can get straight teeth without anyone even knowing that you’re undergoing treatment with Invisalign®.

Gradual But Effective

Invisalign® is an extremely effective way of straightening teeth, and its use of state-of-the-art SmartTrack® material means that you’ll enjoy results faster than with traditional aligner treatments. You’ll kick things off with a 3D oral inspection, where your dentist will scan your mouth to create a digital model of it. It will show your dentist the best possible course to take to your new and improved smile, which you can approve to allow the treatment to proceed. On approval, your doctor will have your aligners made.

It’s worth noting that while Invisalign® produces results faster, it still requires time and patience. The treatment requires you to go through various courses – each slightly different from the one before. The goal is to create gradual change, with each session bringing you closer to the smile that you’ve always envisioned yourself having.

It Fits Into Your Lifestyle – Not The Other Way Around

Not being able to eat your favourite foods, brush your teeth or talk without a lisp is something that puts many people off having their teeth straightened or wearing an aligner. When you’re using the Invisalign®, it fits into your lifestyle and not the other way around. Maintaining good oral hygiene is as simple as removing the aligner when you need to brush your teeth, and you won’t have to worry about it staining or discolouring your teeth either.

Having dinner with friends soon or attending a work conference? You’ll still be able to do everyday activities like eating and drinking without any limitations. All you need to do is remove the aligner before you begin and put it back on afterwards.

Tailored Care And A Great Experience

At Apple Dental, we offer Invisalign® treatments, giving adults in Sydney a chance to smile with confidence. If you’re ready to change the way you feel about your teeth, contact us today.

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