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We are thrilled to announce that Apple Dental has joined the National Dental Care group.

What does this mean for Apple Dental?

We chose to work with National Dental Care because we share the same values. They invest in education and technology. We now have a bigger pool of knowledge to draw from. We now have dedicated meet-ups and digital resources with dentists who are practicing the same techniques across Australia. It’s impossible to quantify how invaluable that kind of knowledge exchange is.

Whilst we will always be dedicated to continually improving results for our own patients in Lane Cove, we at Apple Dental are thrilled to also be able to contribute to raising the bar of the Australian dental industry as a whole. As well as asking questions and sharing techniques, we’re now helping to educate the next generation of practitioners from Melbourne to Darwin to rural locations like Dubbo. With 61 locations, National Dental Care has a far reach and treats thousands of patients. By working together, we can really improve patient care not only here in Lane Cove, but Australia-wide.

Introducing National Dental Care

For those of you who aren’t familiar with National Dental Care, they have 61 practices across Australia and over thousand team members.

National Dental Care dentist Dr Antony Benedetto says “we are so pleased to welcome Apple Dental. Dr Casiglia and his team are the first new practice we had join us in over a year, and part of the reason we approached them was because of Mark’s expertise. The same-day smile makeovers Mark is offering patients are, in all honesty, some of the best application of CEREC technology I have seen. As well as being skilled, he’s happy to share those skills and that means the standard of care he provides his patients in Lane Cove will soon benefit patients across Australia. Learning from each other makes us all better.”

Onwards and Upwards

Dr Casiglia says, “I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your trust over the past 27 years, and I look forward to caring for your smiles for decades to come!

My commitment to you is stronger than ever.”

Figure 1Dr Antony Benedetto recently traveled from Erina, NSW to Alexandra Hills in Brisbane to train fellow dentists.

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