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Do Not Put It Off: The Importance of Your Regular Check-Ups

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Are you guilty of putting off your regular six-monthly check-ups and hygiene appointments? Being Dental Health Week, there is no better time to get proactive in caring for your own oral health and here are a few reasons why you should come in for your regular check-up:

  • Small problems are more straightforward to treat and can usually be detected at a stage where they don’t yet cause any symptoms, reducing your risk of suffering toothache and requiring emergency treatment.
  • It is easier, quicker and more economical to treat minor tooth decay or early gum disease than waiting until things reach a far more critical stage, by which time you may even lose teeth.
  • Hygiene appointments are a highly effective way to reduce your risk of gum disease and are a great way to keep your breath fresh. During your hygiene appointments we remove all hardened plaque or tartar and will gently polish your teeth, getting rid of some surface stains which can be nice way to brighten up your smile.
  • Your regular check-ups include periodic screenings for oral cancer, a disease that can be much more successfully treated at an early stage and before you may have become aware of any changes to the inside of your mouth.
  • This is your opportunity to talk to us about your oral health and any concerns you might have. Patient education is important to us so please do ask as we are here to help you.

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