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The Benefits of Seeing an Oral Health Therapist

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Did you know that Apple Dental has our own dedicated dental hygiene department? It’s all about helping you achieve the best long-term outcomes for your dental health. Our in-house Oral Health Therapist, Jesse Labuguen, is part of this department and offers a wide range of oral health and hygiene services to help keep your teeth and gums in the best possible condition.

Read on to discover more about our oral hygiene services and why your teeth will thank you for making regular appointments with our Oral Health Therapist.

How can an Oral Health Therapist help?

As our resident expert on all things oral health and hygiene, a visit to our Oral Health Therapist can offer a number of benefits for your overall dental health.

Aside from performing a thorough clean of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar deposits, an Oral Health Therapist can also educate you on all areas of oral health, including how to practice good oral hygiene, the best way to prevent oral health conditions, and what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

What are the benefits of seeing an Oral Health Therapist?

An appointment with our Oral Health Therapist can be a great way to improve your oral health, receive a thorough teeth clean, and learn more about your dental health and hygiene.

Here are some of the benefits of making an appointment with Apple Dental’s resident Oral Health Therapist:

Be educated about your oral health

During your appointment with our Oral Health Therapist, they can provide you with expert information and advice on how to take the best care of your teeth and gums.

From dental health to plaque control, oral hygiene to nutrition, your Oral Health Therapist will be able to advise on how to avoid dental problems from developing, as well as how to manage existing oral health conditions and maintain optimal dental health.

Get personalised care and advice

Aside from general information on oral health and hygiene maintenance, an Oral Health Therapist can provide you with tailored advice on how to address your specific dental concerns.

This could involve anything from instructions on how to clean your teeth when wearing orthodontic aligners to how to manage a particular oral health condition, the best way to achieve a perfect smile or the impact of certain lifestyle choices on your dental health.

Receive a thorough clean

When you visit our Oral Health Therapist, you’ll have your teeth thoroughly cleaned in order to remove debris and stains. This intensive clean is much more effective than your usual at-home toothbrushing, with plaque and tartar removed from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

By getting rid of debris and bacteria that have built up on your teeth, you’ll reduce your risk of tooth decay and cavities, as well as leaving your appointment with cleaner, healthier-looking teeth.

Benefit from expert oral healthcare for children

Oral Health Therapists are trained in providing oral health services for children, meaning they’re well equipped to offer child-friendly teaching techniques that help kids understand how to take care of their teeth and gums.

An appointment with an Oral Health Therapist can be a great way to stay on track with your child’s oral health, avoid any concerns becoming more serious, and help them learn more about their dental health from an early age.

Our Oral Health Therapist is here to assist you in achieving the very best standard of oral health. Make an appointment today and discover the benefits for yourself.

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