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Stay Cavity-Free at Holiday Time

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Cavity FreeThe school holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend some well-earned time with your kids, but it can be a time when sensible eating and oral care routines go out of the window. We’ve listed a few simple tips to help your child stay cavity-free during the holidays.

Serve Sweet Treats with a Main Meal

Instead of providing sugary treats in between meals, try to serve them only occasionally as part of a main meal which will minimise the damage to your child’s teeth.

Steer Clear of Fizzy Drinks and Fruit Juices

Fizzy drinks and fruit juices are awful for teeth because they tend to be sugar-laden. Even sugar-free fizzy drinks contain acid, which can attack and soften your childs tooth enamel. Plain water is far more effective for rehydration.

Brushing after Eating Something Sugary

After your child has eaten something sugary, wait half an hour and then encourage them to brush their teeth and make sure they brush for at least two minutes. Waiting reduces acidity in the mouth and gives tooth enamel time to re-harden.

Catch up with Dental Appointments

The holidays are the ideal opportunity to catch up with dental appointments and to complete any outstanding treatments so that when your child returns to school, they’ll have a clean and healthy mouth.

We’re passionate about providing excellent preventive dentistry for your child, to create the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. With regular visits to the Apple Dental team, you can be sure any dental problems are diagnosed in their very early stages, and any treatment can be carried out before problems become much more serious.

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