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Removing foreign matter or dead tissue.

The lay term for carious lesions in a tooth; decomposition of tooth structure.

Dental Prophylaxis
Scaling and polishing procedure performed to remove coronal plaque, calculus, and stains.

Dental Prosthesis
An artificial device that replaces one or more missing teeth.

Dental Specialist
A dentist who has received postgraduate training in one of the recognized dental specialties.

  • DDS
  • DMD

That part of the tooth that is beneath enamel and cementum.

The teeth in the dental arch.

  • Permanent Dentition
    Refers to the permanent teeth in the dental arch.
  • Deciduous Dentition
    Refers to the deciduous or primary teeth in the dental arch.

An artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues.

Denture Base
The part of the denture that holds the artificial teeth and fits over the gums.

Direct Restoration
A restoration fabricated inside the mouth.

Dry Socket
Localized inflammation of the tooth socket following extraction due to infection or loss of blood clot;

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