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Overcoming Dental Phobias

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ad-sept-3It is not unusual to have a level of anxiety or fear about seeing the dentist, however this is increasingly becoming a thing of the past thanks to new techniques in both dentistry and dental sedation. The staff at Apple Dental are well versed in alleviating patient’s fears and putting their mind at rest when they are in the dental chair. Adjustments can be made to your dental treatment to ensure that you have a positive experience at Apple Dental, this might be as simple as discussing signals that work for you during a visit such as raising your hand to stop treatment at any time. We also offer sleep dentistry (mild sedation) for patients who are especially worried or nervous about dental treatment.

How sleep dentistry can help you regain your dental health

There are a number of options for sedation in the dental chair. If you only require mild sedation, then nitrous oxide or ‘happy gas’ can be very useful as it makes you feel relaxed but you are still fully aware of everything that is happening during your appointment. Alternatively we also offer a deeper form of sedation where you will remember little, if anything, about your treatment. If you have been unable to receive treatment for quite some time because of your phobia this can be a very useful way to regain your dental health. As you become accustomed to visiting our dental practice we hope you will gradually feel more relaxed as we aim to replace fears and phobias with more positive feelings.

Please contact us if you are nervous about dental visits to discover how we can help you regain a confident and healthy smile.

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