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Teeth Whitening Lane Cove

Would you like a brighter, more attractive smile?

Teeth WhiteningIf your smile is no longer as white as it once was, Apple Dental can help. One of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can improve your smile quickly by brightening your teeth in only an hour.

It’s very common for people to notice that their teeth are no longer as bright and white as they were. This darkening can be caused by consuming tea and coffee, red wine, or some fruit juices; by the harmful effects of smoking; or by taking some medications. You may even have teeth which are naturally darker, or notice the tiny white spots which are an early indication of tooth decay. All these conditions can usually be improved with a little help from teeth whitening procedures at Apple Dental.

We can provide a choice of either instant teeth whitening in our comfortable Lane Cove dental practice, or a customised take home treatment that can whiten your teeth in your own home. Both our teeth whitening procedures are safe and very effective in removing deep teeth stains, using a specially formulated whitening gel to gently enter your teeth and lighten discoloured areas.

Philips Zoom! in-chair teeth whitening

Looking for a fast and convenient way to whiten your teeth? This is the right method for you! Our teeth whitening takes about 90 minutes and involves four 15 minute rounds of whitening, with a short break in between, which means you can achieve a dazzling new smile in next to no time! Just imagine leaving our clinic flashing a rejuvenated smile with our high-quality treatment.

Customised take home teeth whitening treatment

If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth at home with a less invasive option, our take-home teeth whitening kit lets you improve your smile using special custom-made trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. You simply put the special whitening gel into the trays, and wear them for 30 minutes twice a day, or the Nite White trays for 4-6 hours (ideally overnight). With just seven to 14 days of daily treatment you can achieve dazzling results – but you may already notice a significant improvement in just a few days.

Both our teeth whitening treatments offer you similar results, with the only difference being the time you need to wait to achieve your desired outcome. For outstanding results we often recommend a combination of both techniques, including around three days with a take-home component, to achieve a rapid and long-lasting effect.

Is teeth whitening treatment right for you?

The Apple Dental dentist will carry out a full examination to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, such as having a clean, decay-free mouth prior to your whitening treatment.

Professional teeth whitening has proven to be a simple and effective way to lift the smiles of many people in the Lane Cove and Chatswood area. You too will be amazed at the difference it can make to your self-confidence!

How does professional teeth whitening brighten my smile?

The active ingredient in our teeth whitening treatments, hydrogen peroxide, is a bleaching agent that penetrates deeply into your teeth, to remove stains and whiten your smile.

How long does teeth whitening treatment last?

Your teeth whitening results will depend on the type of discolouration you have, as well as how you care for your teeth. While your teeth will always be lighter than they were, you may need occasional whitening maintenance every one to two years – particularly if you continue to consume things like tea or coffee, red wine or tobacco.

What are the side effects to teeth whitening?

You may experience tooth hypersensitivity or gum irritation from the concentrated whitening gel. But don’t worry – by following the detailed instructions from our Apple Dental team, most of our patients have no side effects at all.

Will teeth whitening work to lighten my restorations?

No – if you currently have teeth restorations including dental crowns or bridges, dentures, or dental veneers, these areas will be unaffected by your treatment. Only your natural teeth will appear lighter thanks to teeth whitening.

Get your teeth whitened

You are very welcome to contact us on (02) 9420 5050, or pay a visit at 1 Finlayson St Lane Cove NSW 2066 if you are interested in Teeth Whitening dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening Customised Trays
Teeth Whitening using customised trays; for benefit of whitening your teeth at home
Teeth Whitening Lane Cove
Barrier Whitening or In-chair Whitening; using a UV light and special whitening gel to instantly create a whiter, brighter smile in the dental surgery

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