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CEREC and Galileos

Apple Dental has invested in a cutting-edge new treatment technology that combines CEREC processes with 3D x-ray data from GALILEOS.

Thanks to the GALILEOS software, implant planning is now a streamlined process, from understanding your mouth’s current situation right through to planning for the implant placement. Merging information from the 3D cone-beam x-ray imaging of your teeth and jaw and the CEREC digital model of all your teeth, we can plan your new implant and tooth replacement to precisely fit your individual circumstances.

With the CEREC system we can then custom-make crowns for your implants that will fit into ideal positions for the desired final result, giving you better, more aesthetic and longer lasting implant tooth replacements.

This revolutionary technology helps us to streamline your implant treatment, in most cases reducing the number of appointments needed to just two: the first to place your implant, and the second for your new CEREC-produced tooth replacement.

One of the greatest advantages of combining CEREC and GALILEOS is that it allows us to have implant guides custom-made in Germany by siCAT, specifically for each patient. With these guides we can place your implants with great precision, removing the possibility of errors and eliminating the need for scalpels or stitches. Instead, we can utilise a key-hole approach, with its consequent easy and rapid healing.

Thanks to CEREC and GALILEOS, Apple Dental can provide you with implants that are easier to achieve and much more efficient, to give you a highly aesthetic and successful end result.

Are you willing to know more about this technology? Feel free to contact us on (02) 9420 5050. Apple Dental location: 1 Finlayson St Lane Cove NSW 2066.

Cerec and Galileos


Implant planning at Apple Dental starts with a 3D xray where implants are ‘virtually placed’ in order to determine the perfect position…
CEREC is used to ‘virtually reconstruct’ the missing teeth. These teeth are then merged with the 3D xray so that when implant positioning is determined it is done with not only anatomy in mind but also final teeth positions…
x-Rays Confirm
And finally, after implant placements using guides produced by siCAT in Germnany, final x-rays confirm ideal implant placements.


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