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Children’s & Family Dentistry in Lane Cove

Would you like to give your children the best oral health? Do you need a little helping encouraging your children with their regular oral hygiene routine? Would you like to help your kids achieve the very best dental health for life? If so, the Apple Dental team are right behind you!

Caring for your children’s teeth is important

We encourage you to introduce your child to a kids dentist at an early age, when their first couple of teeth emerge. This will help them build a trusting relationship with the dentist, and ensure there’s no nervousness or anxiety associated with this normal part of everyday life. By visiting us regularly, your child should soon feel completely comfortable about maintaining their oral health to a high standard.

Visiting the dentist

At their first visit to us, we will briefly check the health of your child’s gums, ensure their teeth are coming through straight, and advise you on the best cleaning methods to use at home. It’s a great idea to schedule your child’s appointments at the same time as your own – we find that seeing you have your teeth examined often makes your child more relaxed!

We’re passionate about providing excellent preventive dentistry for your child, to create the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. With regular visits to the Apple Dental team, you can be sure any dental problems are diagnosed in their very early stages, and any treatment can be carried out before problems become much more serious. So book the first appointment for your children today by calling on (02) 9420 5050; and visit our experienced and kid-friendly dentist at 1 Finlayson St Lane Cove NSW 2066.

Dental care for your child

Children Dentistry Fissure SealantsTooth Sealants

Tooth sealants, or fissure sealants, can be applied to the biting surface of your child’s back teeth, where cavities are most common. The tooth-coloured resin material fills in the grooves and cracks of the biting surfaces of these teeth, to act as a protective barrier against tooth decay and also make them easier to clean.

Orthodontic Screening

By detecting any problems with emerging teeth or jaw misalignment early, we aim to ensure that any necessary orthodontic treatment can be carried out more quickly and cost-effectively. Early screening may also allow us to consider a wider range of treatment options for your child, such as clear aligners or finer removable braces.

Diet and Decay

Even though kids love sugary, fizzy soft drinks, for their dental health it’s very important that you as a parent limit how frequently they consume them. That’s because, rather than the total amount of sugar they consume, it’s the frequency of consumption which is the crucial factor for tooth decay.

Constantly snacking on sugary foods or drink means your kids’ teeth are exposed to acid for longer periods. Their saliva will have less chance of neutralising acid, and tooth decay will be more common. So swap that sugary soft drink for water or milk, and help your child avoid dental cavities!

When should I first bring my child to visit Apple Dental?

Ideally we like to see your child by their first birthday, so that we can check that their oral development is progressing normally. We will also check their teeth for cleanliness, and provide advice on brushing and diet.

Should my child use an electric or normal toothbrush?

Rather than the type of toothbrush, it’s more important to ensure your child’s brushing technique is effective. While electric toothbrushes are very efficient cleaners, a normal toothbrush can be just as effective if used correctly.

Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth aid in the proper growth and development of the jaw, maintaining space for your child’s adult teeth and helping with speech development. Early loss of baby teeth can result in the need for orthodontic treatment for your child later in life.

When should my child’s baby teeth fall out?

As a guide, your child’s front eight baby teeth will usually be lost at around 6 to 8 years of age, as the first permanent molars come through. Then at around 10 to 12 years of age, the remaining baby teeth are lost and replaced with adult teeth. At 12 years of age the second molars erupt, leaving just the wisdom teeth to emerge.

What should I do if a baby tooth is knocked out?

It’s important that you do not try and put the tooth back, as this may accidentally damage your child’s developing adult tooth. Contact Apple Dental for advice and to make an appointment for your child as soon as possible.

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