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Get In Perfect Oral Shape

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August marks Dental Health Week and it is the ideal opportunity to take a breath and to make sure you are in perfect oral shape. As always, everyone here at Apple Dental will be working hard to promote better oral health this month. This year’s theme is particularly apt for many of us as it is ‘Oral Health for Busy Lives.’

Why Good Dental Health Saves Time

We know it often seems difficult to fit in dental visits but good preventative dental care will save you time and money. You only need to see us every six months here at Apple Dental for your regular checkup and clean, probably less time than you spend at your hairdresser’s. During your visit, we can fully assess your current dental health, quickly detecting any problems. Your hygiene appointment helps maintain a healthy mouth by regularly removing plaque and tartar. We enjoy educating our patients, so if you’d like some great tips on how to brush and floss properly then please just ask us as we’d love to help. A good brushing and flossing routine will only take a few minutes each day and could be all that’s required to maintain perfect oral health.




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