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Oral Cancer Check during Every Exam at No Extra Charge!

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Introducing our Oral ID DeviceIntroducing our Oral ID Device

Apple Dental is proud to announce we now provide a cancer check during every exam using our new Oral ID screening device. Oral ID uses fluorescence technology to help identify any cells inside your mouth that require further investigation. Normal healthy cells will fluoresce when we shine a special blue light on them, but any abnormalities will appear darker and are much easier to see than by using an ordinary white light. This examination is quick and non-invasive and there is no need for us to use rinses or messy dyes. By investing in this technology we hope to detect the very earliest signs of oral cancer before they become visible to the naked eye.

Oral Cancer Screening

Why Oral Cancer Screening is so Important

Oral cancer is becoming more common as rates have increased for the past 7 years. Unfortunately approximately 60% of oral cancers will not be diagnosed until the later stages (III and IV) when treatment is considerably more invasive and when the long-term prognosis is not nearly so favourable. By screening our patients regularly, we hope to ensure that any oral cancer symptoms are detected at a stage when treatment will be much more successful.

We are specially trained to detect the early signs of oral cancer and it is likely we are the only health professionals who regularly get to look inside your mouth. You could have a higher risk of oral cancer if you smoke, have been exposed to the human papilloma virus (HPV), if you use alcohol to excess or if you are aged over 40.

Let Us Know if You Think There Might Be Something Wrong

You can help by keeping any eye out for any changes in between exams. If you do notice a patch of skin in your mouth feels rough or has changed colour, or that you have an ulcer that just won’t heal up after two or three weeks, then contact us so we can take a look. We’d much rather be safe than sorry.

Oralid Product

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