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It is great for children to get involved with sports, but it is important to protect their teeth. Unfortunately sports-related dental injuries are quite common and may mean your child is faced with a lifetime of costly restorative work. This is why we thoroughly recommend you protect your child’s teeth with a customised mouthguard.

Custom mouthguards for dental assurance
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Custom-made Offer Maximum Protection
Getting a Custom-Made Mouthguard

Did you know more than 5 million teeth are knocked out during sporting activities every year? What is even worse is that it’s estimated between 30% and 50% of these injuries could have been prevented or would have been less severe had a mouthguard been worn.

The cost of treatment to replace or repair missing teeth can run into thousands of dollars, whereas a good quality mouthguard is relatively cheap to purchase. Ideally, anyone who participates in contact sports, plus a fair number of non-contact sports such as horse-riding, bicycling and skateboarding, should wear a well-fitting mouthguard.

Custom-made Offer Maximum Protection

While it is possible to buy over-the-counter mouthguards for just a few dollars, these are often very uncomfortable to wear, fit poorly and will offer very little protection. It is worth paying a bit more to get a custom-fitted mouthguard from your dentist. This is designed to offer maximum protection to the teeth, gums, lips and cheeks and will be comfortable to wear. Comfort is an important factor as an uncomfortable mouthguard is likely to remain in its box during sports.

Getting a Custom-Made Mouthguard

Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth which are sent to the dental laboratory so a mouthguard can be made. It will be fitted on your next appointment and is then ready to use. It is important to make sure you clean it thoroughly after each use and store it in the container provided, making sure it is away from direct heat which could distort it.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, our mouthguards are comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection for your child’s teeth and jaws. They are made from a high-quality, tough, completely odourless and neutral tasting thermoplastic material. Your child can have their mouthguard made in their favourite colour, or in their team colours. Each mouthguard is thickened in critical areas so there is less chance a blow to the mouth will result in an injury.

A custom-made mouthguard must be thoroughly washed in cool running water after each use to keep it clean and fresh. Store it in the container provided, away from direct heat as this could distort the mouthguard. We will regularly check the fit of your child’s mouthguard to make sure it is continuing to provide the best level of protection. The mouthguard will most likely need to be replaced at regular intervals, as your child’s teeth and jaws develop and grow.

No, it is not a good idea to sleep with your mouth guard in. If you need a mouthguard to help with bruxism (clenching or grinding in your sleep), you must use a mouthguard specifically made for this issue.

That’s because a bruxism night guard and a sports mouth guard are designed to be different.

A sports mouthguard covers the part of the tooth you can see, but also covers part of your gums in order to protect your gums and the teeth that extend under them. Sports mouthguards are only made to be worn for a few hours at a time at most, and if they are worn longer, they can start to irritate sensitive gums, and cause bacteria to thrive and grow, potentially leading to issues such as gingivitis.

A bruxism night guard does not cover your gums, so can be worn comfortably for long periods of time without risking your gum health. Night guards are also less thick and bulky for more comfortable wear, and are perforated with holes to allow water and saliva to pass through more easily and avoid bacteria building up.

Overall, only use a sports mouth guard for sports, and switch to a custom-made night guard for sleeping.