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Yoghurt – A Source of Mouth-Healthy Nutrition

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44Yoghurt is a great food for dental health because it is high in calcium which helps to strengthen bones and teeth and it contains plenty of protein.

Research has also shown yoghurt could help to protect against gum disease. Gum disease develops when harmful bacteria build up on teeth surfaces as plaque. This will eventually harden into calculus which causes infection and inflammation in the gums. Eating more yoghurt helps to interrupt the growth of these unfriendly bacteria. Apparently, this is because yoghurt contains good bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are live cultures found in dairy products including milk, kefir and yoghurt. Eating yoghurt every day could also help to keep your breath fresh because the bacteria in yoghurt help to fight odour-causing bacteria in the mouth.

When choosing your yoghurt, be sure to pick sugar-free varieties for maximum health benefits. If you do want to sweeten your yoghurt, why not add fresh seasonal fruit?

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