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Modern Digital Dental X-Rays Pose Little Concern

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1Apple Dental uses the latest digital dental x-rays that only emit negligible levels of radiation. Digital sensors require about one twentieth of the radiation of film x-rays. To put it in perspective, a set of 2 digital dental x-ray deliver the same radiation as you would absorb whilst lying in bed asleep through the night. Dental x-rays are only taken when necessary and the benefits far outweigh the tiny radiation exposure.

Why Would I Need an X-Ray?

Our dentists need to take x-rays to show us areas of your mouth that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Your x-rays show the contact areas in between teeth, where decay can develop, as well as your tooth roots and the bone surrounding them. Dental x-rays allow us to make a quick and accurate diagnosis, so we can plan and carry out appropriate treatment more effectively. You may need an x-ray if you have tooth decay or toothache, or if we think there is a problem below your gums.

Routine Dental X-Rays

Most adults with reasonable dental health will need a routine set of x-rays every two years or so. These help us to monitor your dental health more closely and are a great preventative measure. Children may need x-rays more frequently as their teeth and jaws are still developing. The exact frequency will depend on their risk of developing dental problems.

3D X-ray

At Apple Dental we also have a 3D X-ray machine, which allows us to see 3D and cross-sectional images of the teeth, jaws and skull and any plane. This is an extremely useful tool when needing to diagnose a difficult condition, and has become an essential tool with dental implant planning, to allow us to have precision implant placement guides produced.

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