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Let’s Get Things Straight! What is Invisalign Treatment Really Like?

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ablog2We are often asked what Invisalign treatment will really be like, so here is a little bit about what to expect.

Nearly Invisible Braces

This is the huge advantage of Invisalign, as the braces, called aligners, are made from clear plastic and are difficult to see.

Easy to Use

The aligners are taken out for cleaning and for brushing and flossing. You will also remove them when eating so there is no need to change your diet.

Tooth Movements are Pre-Planned using ClinCheck ®

Every tooth movement is carefully planned using Invisalign’s ClinCheck® software. This ensures all your tooth movements are extremely precise, providing you with the results you desire. You’ll even get to see virtual images of your new smile before you begin treatment.

What to Expect When Wearing Your Aligners

Your aligners are made to fit tightly over your teeth and each set is worn for two weeks before being exchanged for the next set in the series. As your teeth are being forced to change position, it is normal to feel some discomfort during any kind of orthodontic treatment, particularly when you first begin to wear a new set of aligners. This should settle down after a couple of days or so.

Wearing Retainers after Treatment

Be prepared to wear retainers for a while after treatment is completed as these ensure your teeth will not move while they settle into their new positions. Invisalign retainers are made from the same clear plastic as the aligners so they are very discreet.

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