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It’s Kids Play! How to Motivate Your Kids to Maintain Their Oral Health

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ablog4We know it’s not always easy to motivate kids to brush their teeth but making it as much fun as possible and getting your child involved can help. Getting them to choose their own child-sized toothbrush will give them a vested interest in using it! The same goes for toothpaste as allowing them to pick a flavour that appeals to them will help motivate them to brush.

If your child uses an electric toothbrush then it will probably have a built-in timer that will tell them when their two minutes is up. If they use a manual toothbrush then buy them their own special timer to keep in the bathroom. Technique is important, so try guiding their hand as they brush, so they can feel the correct movements, or let them have a go at brushing your teeth so they can practice. Brush your teeth at the same time so they can copy you.

Download Our Brushing and Flossing Chart

Our downloadable brushing and flossing chart can be filled in by your kid each time they brush. Just buy them some special stickers or gold stars. Agree a suitable reward once they have successfully completed a month.

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