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How to Protect Your Baby’s Teeth

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3Your baby’s first teeth are precious and it is important to look after them and prevent childhood caries or tooth decay. As a family oriented dental practice we all love seeing young children and encourage you to book your child’s very first dental visit soon after they get their first tooth. As a part of this dental check-up we will talk to you about the best way to clean your child’s teeth and how to gently floss them when they begin to come into contact with each other. We can also suggest the most suitable toothbrush and toothpaste to help prevent decay.

Tips to Help Keep Baby Teeth Cavity Free

The best way to keep your baby’s teeth cavity free is to avoid sugary drinks and snacks. Babies should never be sent to bed with a bottle full of fruit juice or formula as the sugars will stick to your child’s teeth overnight which increases the risk of cavities. If your child wants a drink it is best to give them plain water.

Dipping your child’s dummy in honey or any other sugary substance will also harm your baby’s teeth and should be avoided. It is also important that as parents you have good oral health as cavity-causing bacteria can spread from your mouth to your baby’s mouth, especially if you share utensils or lick a dummy before returning it to them. Our friendly dental team will work with you to help ensure your child grows up with healthy teeth. Please contact us to book an appointment.

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