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How to Naturally Control Your Hay Fever Symptoms

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Anyone who has ever put up with the misery of hay fever will dread the warmer weather. Listed below are a few ways to naturally control your symptoms this spring.


A smear of Vaseline or another balm around your nostrils creates a barrier that can help trap pollen.


Hay fever is the perfect reason to buy a new pair of sunglasses. Choose a wrap-around style for more protection.

Weather Apps

If you haven’t already, download a weather app to keep track of pollen counts locally. This can help you to plan events and to decide when it is better to stay indoors.

Quercetin & Vitamin C

Onions and apples contain quercetin, a natural antihistamine. Vitamin C is another natural antihistamine, so eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Close Your Windows

Your windows create a physical barrier to pollen, so keep them shut if you can and especially at night when the pollen count is often higher.

Dry Your Laundry Inside

Pollen can stick bedsheets and clothes dried outside. Drying your laundry indoors might be less convenient, but it could reduce the severity of your hay fever.

Shower Often

Pollen sticks to your clothes and to your hair and skin. Showering and washing your hair helps to eradicate pollen.

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