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Health Fund Benefit Resets: How To Maximise Your Dental Extras

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health fund benefitsDid you know that the annual limits on most health fund policies reset on January 1st each year? That means you could now have a whole year of dental extras to enjoy. To help you make the most of your dental benefits and ensure you’re maximising your available insurance limits, we’ve put together some quick tips on how to take advantage of your health fund benefit reset.

So whether it’s visiting the dentist for an overdue check-up or booking in for a teeth whitening session, making a trip to the dentist one of your new year’s resolutions will ensure you’ll be all smiles in the year ahead!

Tip 1: Double-check your dental extras

If you’re unsure about just what you’re covered for when it comes to dental extras, now is the ideal time to check the details of your health fund policy. With annual limits being reset at the start of the year, knowing exactly which dental treatments you’re covered for – and how much you’re able to claim – can help you maximise all your available rebates. Plus, you may find you’re covered for benefits you weren’t even aware of, such as orthodontic treatments like Invisalign® teeth straightening – so updating your smile for 2020 could be easier (and cheaper!) than you think.

Tip 2: Book in for a check-up and clean

Settling into a new year, now is the perfect opportunity to book yourself in for a standard check-up. Aside from enjoying the fresh feeling of a professional clean, a dental check-up is a great place to start with identifying any potential oral health issues which may require further treatment. In addition, your dentist can discuss what your options are in terms of cosmetic improvements, such as teeth whitening or teeth straightening treatments like Invisalign®.

Tip 3: Create a treatment plan with your dentist

So you’ve checked which extras are covered by your health fund policy and had a chat with your dentist about your treatment options? Great! Now, your dentist can help you create a comprehensive treatment plan that allows you to stage the process and work out a timeline you feel comfortable with. Your dentist can explain which treatments are more urgent or important than others so you can plan accordingly, and help you decide which services to go ahead with this year to maximise your available limits.

Tip 4: Take advantage of teeth whitening

New year, brighter smile? If you’ve been dreaming of a dazzling grin, now is the ideal time to take advantage of your renewed health fund benefits and book in for a teeth whitening treatment. Have a chat to your dentist about the different teeth whitening options available to you – from instant Philips Zoom™ Whitening in our comfortable Lane Cove practice to a customised at-home treatment. Be sure to check your health insurance policy to find out about your annual limits and coverage – and enjoy the confidence of brighter, whiter teeth in 2020!

If you’re keen to start the new year off with a smile, book your appointment with Apple Dental today and take full advantage of your dental extras benefits.

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