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Are Your Gums Bleeding for No Apparent Reason?

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apple2Have you noticed your gums seem to bleed whenever you brush or floss, or for no reason at all? Bleeding gums are not healthy and now is the time to take action!

Why Gums May Bleed

Every day, bacteria build up on your tooth surfaces. Unless they are removed with regular brushing and flossing there is a good chance they will infect your gums. One side effect of this infection is inflammation, created as your body’s immune system tries to fight back. It is this inflammation that causes the gums to become fragile and to bleed more easily.

Getting Treatment for Bleeding Gums

A check-up at Apple Dental will enable us to diagnose the problem and an early diagnosis will enable you to completely eradicate this condition, called gingivitis, hopefully before it can cause permanent damage. Ignoring these early symptoms will lead to a much more serious form of gum disease, called periodontitis.

Treatment for gingivitis is very straightforward as we will get rid of the infection by professionally cleaning your teeth and gums and can tell you how to improve your home oral care. Persevering with your improved oral care routine will stop your gums from bleeding as they gradually become healthier and stronger.

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