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Good News! You Can Now Book In For Invisalign® and Teeth Whitening

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Wedding Smile Makeover

You can now book in for Invisalign® and teeth whitening.

With COVID-related dental restrictions easing in NSW, we’re pleased to announce that Invisalign® and teeth whitening treatments are now available for all patients. Here’s how to get the perfect smile with no fuss.

Earlier this year, restrictions placed on dental practices as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a temporary suspension of all non-emergency dental procedures – meaning cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign® and teeth whitening were unavailable.

However, the team at Apple Dental is pleased to announce that you can now book in for both of these teeth-transforming treatments to get your smile back on track! Whether you’ve had to delay your Invisalign® or teeth whitening treatment due to COVID-19, or if you’re keen to upgrade your smile now you’re finally able to get out and about again, here’s all you need to know about getting a perfect smile.

Invisalign®: The invisible secret to a straighter smile

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is an advanced teeth-straightening treatment that involves the use of clear, custom-moulded aligners to gradually move your teeth into their ideal position.

Invisalign® is extremely popular due to its virtually-invisible aligners which can be easily removed for activities like eating and drinking. What’s more, Invisalign® aligners are comfortable to wear and tend to work faster than traditional metal braces in correcting teeth alignment.

What can Invisalign® help with?

Invisalign® can treat a wide range of cases and bite types, including the following:

  • Open bite: Upper and lower teeth don’t touch when the mouth is closed
  • Cross bite: A tooth in the lower arch is positioned to the outside of the upper teeth
  • Crowded: Too many teeth to fit the jaw, causing misalignment
  • Underbite: Lower teeth protrude in front of upper teeth
  • Overbite: Upper teeth overlap lower teeth
  • Gappy: Too much space or gaps between teeth

How can I get started with Invisalign® treatment?

If you’re keen to make a start on straightening your smile, your Apple Dental practitioner can provide you with all the information you need about Invisalign®, including what the treatment involves and how much your Invisalign® treatment will cost.

Treat yourself to professional teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to restore the white colour and lustre of your teeth. Discolouration and staining can occur for many reasons; most commonly, this is due to drinking a lot of teeth-staining beverages like coffee, tea, sugary drinks or red wine, smoking cigarettes, or taking particular medications.

You can choose to have your teeth whitened in our state-of-the-art Lane Cove dental practice, or opt for a convenient take-home kit

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening through my dentist over DIY teeth whitening?

There are many risks associated with DIY teeth whitening products, including gum burns, damage to enamel, increased pain and sensitivity, and a patchy finish.

Professional teeth whitening is a much safer option that lets you achieve the beautiful pearly whites you’ve been hoping for, fast. You can read more about the dangers of DIY teeth whitening here.

What teeth whitening treatments does Apple Dental offer?

At our welcoming Lane Cove practice, we offer a choice of safe, convenient and highly-effective teeth whitening treatments.

For teeth whitening in the comfort of our practice, choose our in-chair Philips Zoom! teeth whitening treatment. Using a whitening gel and a special bright light, this treatment involves four 15-minute rounds of whitening, with a short break in between – so the whole procedure can be completed in around 90 minutes.

Alternatively, choose our customised take-home teeth whitening kit that lets you achieve the same fantastic results in the comfort of your own home. It’s less invasive than our in-chair option – you’ll simply need to wear the teeth whitening trays for 30 minutes twice a day, or the Nite White trays for 4-6 hours (ideally overnight).

If you’re ready to refresh your smile with teeth whitening or start your journey towards beautifully straight teeth with Invisalign®, make an appointment with Apple Dental today.

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