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Get a Stunning Smile before Christmas

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Stunning Smile Before ChristmasCelebrate this party season with a beautifully white and healthy smile. Here at Apple Dental, we can gently brighten your smile using advanced home whitening treatments.

Gently Whiten at Home with Our Customised Whitening Kit
This can be such a busy time of year, but our customised home whitening kits make it super-easy to brighten your smile at home. Our home whitening kits include comfortable whitening trays made to fit exactly over your teeth and our high quality professional whitening gel to gently lift the colour of your teeth. Just wear the trays for a few hours each day or overnight while you sleep. You will see a real improvement within just a few days, although it generally takes two weeks to complete treatment.

Whiten Safely
Our dentist will make sure your whitening treatment is safe and effective. By checking your teeth and gums beforehand, we can ensure any side effects are minimised so your treatment is comfortable. Call us today to order your kit.

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