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Four Elements of Personal Balance

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Personal BalanceKeeping the four elements, which are the four parts of self in balance, is fundamental to well being. These elements are emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.


Understanding feelings is essential in maintaining emotional balance. It isn’t always possible to feel positive, but recognising negative emotions such as fear, anger or sadness can help us to cope more easily. One thing that is helpful is to try to respond to feelings rather than to react to them.


A healthy body requires the proper nourishment. Eating healthily and exercising protects us against illness and disease. When your diet isn’t healthy, it can reduce resistance to disease, making it harder to maintain personal balance.


Never stop learning! Learning new activities and especially those requiring logic and analytical thinking helps to sharpen your mind. Additionally, learning is fun and can increase self-confidence and joy.


When you are in touch with your spiritual side, it can bring a sense of peace. Many people find praying or meditating, or even merely expressing gratitude for life is helpful in maintaining personal balance. The feeling of connecting to a higher power aids inner harmony, nourishing your soul.

When you make a conscious effort to nourish these four elements, then it can bring a sense of peace and purpose to life.

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