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Follow-Up For A Flawless Smile

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Dental work can often involve a number of appointments to achieve the results you’re looking for. If you’re eager to ensure your oral health is in the best condition it can be, completing any unfinished treatment, attending follow-up appointments, and visiting your dentist for a regular check-up and clean is important.

Read on to discover why following up with your treatment can make a big difference.

Dental treatment isn’t just about aesthetics

While you may be focused on the way your dental work will improve your smile, continuing with any required follow-up treatment can also benefit your oral health.

As a result of correcting dental issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, or overcrowding, cosmetic dental treatments can also help to improve the movement and function of your jaw. This can reduce pain relating to the jaw – which can include headaches as well as jaw pain – and make it easier to perform everyday activities like eating and speaking.

What’s more, booking in for a dental check-up and clean every six months can help to identify any potential oral health issues and prevent existing conditions from getting worse – as well as leaving you with cleaner, healthier teeth!

Keep on top of your treatment for optimal oral health

In some cases, delaying or not carrying on with follow-up treatment can cause existing dental issues to get worse. In turn, this can lead to complications that may be more complex and costly to fix.

If you’re overdue for your next appointment, don’t panic! Simply book in when you can and your Apple Dental practitioner can advise you on the best course of action.

Plan For Success

Having a plan in place can make it easier to keep on top of your dental treatment and be clear on the next steps.

  • Discuss your goals with your dentist: Talk to your Apple Dental practitioner about what you’re looking to achieve from your dental treatment and what the process will involve.
  • Stay on track with treatment milestones: Having milestones in place for your treatment can help you monitor the progress of your oral health journey.
  • Understand the timeframes: Make sure you’re aware of how long your treatment will take before you get started.
  • Create a treatment plan that works for you: Your dentist can work with you to create a customised plan that fits with your schedule and available health fund benefits.

Apple Dental is here for you

Our Lane Cove practice is designed to offer a comfortable, relaxing and stress-free experience, from our friendly reception staff to our experienced dental team.

If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about your appointment, we can help with a range of options to ensure your treatment is relaxing and pain-free, including twilight (sleep) dentistry. Talk to us about our options for dealing with dental anxiety.

We also offer an interest-free payment option called SmileFund which lets you ‘treat now, pay later’. Available for treatments up to $20,000, SmileFund can help for those unexpected or unbudgeted dental procedures – and for plans up to $5000, we offer same day approval with no application process.

Click here to learn more about SmileFund at Apple Dental.

If you need any advice about the next steps in your dental treatment – or if you’d like to book in for a check-up and clean – chat to Apple Dental. You can make an appointment online now.

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