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Fissure Sealants Add an Extra Layer of Protection

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apple-4-3Fissure sealants keep the chewing surfaces of your back teeth strong, healthy and cavity-free. Fissures are the narrow grooves that run between the valleys of the teeth. Fissure trap food and bacteria, which is impossible to keep thoroughly clean. A fissure is typically narrower than a toothbrush bristle. By applying sealants to these vulnerable areas, we can prevent tooth decay in a way that is very non-invasive, quick and affordable.

Fissure sealants consist of a layer of thin, virtually invisible flowable plastic that will not interfere with your bite. The liquid fissure sealant is simply painted onto the newly cleaned chewing surfaces of your back teeth and is made to set hard, leaving a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that will keep out bacteria.

We think fissure sealants are an excellent preventative treatment, but they can only be used on teeth that are cavity free and which do not have any fillings. This is why we suggest applying them as soon as possible after the adult back teeth have emerged. We estimate around 80% of people have fissures that are too deep and narrow and therefore prone to tooth decay.

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