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Eight Incredible Reasons to Eat Flax Seeds

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april4Flax seeds are a superfood as these tiny nutrient-dense seeds are packed with lots of good things and it is worth adding them to your diet every day.

  1. Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent depression and memory loss and are important for overall brain health.
  2. They are rich in fibre, as just three tablespoons contains half the daily requirement.
  3. Flax seeds are any easy way to add more protein to your diet. A three tablespoon serving contains 10g of protein.
  4. Flax seeds contain 800 times more lignans than any other food and this may help fight osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.
  5. Eating flax seeds could have a protective effect against certain cancers, including prostrate, colon and breast cancer.
  6. Eating flax seeds helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and may help reduce the effects of diabetes.
  7. Consuming flax seeds can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels by between 25% and 65%.
  8. Supplementing your diet with flax seeds could help manage blood pressure levels.

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