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Did You Know Spring-Time allergies Can Affect Your Teeth?

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4The allergy season is just about here, but did you know a stuffy nose can affect your dental health?

Dry Mouth

People who live with allergies often also live with a dry mouth – this is a result of both the side affects of antihistamine medication and mouth breathing because of a blocked nose. A drier mouth increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease as saliva helps to wash away harmful bacteria.

Sinuses and Tooth Pain

Allergies can also cause tooth pain, especially if your sinuses begin to fill up with mucus. The increase in pressure can cause tooth pain in your upper back molars. If the pain doesn’t go away after taking antihistamines it is best to make an appointment.

If you are affected by allergies make sure you keep up with regular brushing and flossing and that you stay well hydrated. Treating allergies can help reduce their impact on your dental health.

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