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Dental Hygiene

As part of the Apple Dental commitment to Oral Health, we offer a dedicated dental hygiene department to assist our patients in obtaining optimal long-term dental health.

We recommend you visit our centre for regular check-up appointments with our dental hygienist. Our hygienist is our resident expert in oral health and oral hygiene and will provide regular cleanings to remove plaque and tartar deposits from hard to reach places. She will also assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.
Our dental hygienist will perform the following tasks:

  • Educate children and adults on dental health, plaque control, oral hygiene and nutrition
  • Apply fluoride treatments
  • Remove deposits and stains from teeth
  • Assist in teeth whitening procedures
  • Give post operative instructions
  • Assist in the management of periodontal disease
  • Take radiographs
  • Take impressions for study models
  • Give local anaesthetic for dental procedures
  • Provide protective sealants on to molar teeth

In general, our dental hygienist will use preventive, educational and therapeutic methods for controlling oral diseases which will in turn, help you achieve and maintain excellent dental health.

If you would like to have an appointment to see our dental hygienist, please contact our reception on (02) 9420 5050.

Tooth BrushingManual toothbrushing instructions to remove plaque and bacteria
Dental Hygiene InstructionInstructions on how to clean your teeth wearing orthdontic appliances
Interdental BrushesCleaning between teeth, interdental spaces using interdental brushes; to mimise decay spreading between
Proximal BrushCleaning between teeth, using hand-held proximal brushes
Soft Tufted BrushesCleaning teeth using soft-tufted brushes
Super flossSuperfloss; to clean and remove plaque build up in between teeth
Tooth DecaySteps of how tooth decay evolves
Dry MouthDry mouth

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