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When Should I First Bring My Child to Visit a Dentist?

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april111We strongly encourage parents to bring their child to see us here at Apple Dental soon after they get their first one or two teeth.

What to Expect during Their First Visit?

Their very first dental visit is just an extremely gentle examination. We need to check their teeth are coming through correctly and that their gums are healthy. This is an excellent opportunity for a very young child to become accustomed to visiting a dentist and our friendly dental team can also chat to you about the best way to look after your child’s teeth at home. Please ask if you have any questions as we are all very friendly and approachable and can talk to you about how best to brush their teeth and what choice of toothpaste to use.

We Prefer a Preventative Approach to Dental Care

Everyone here is passionate about preventative dentistry and by seeing your child regularly, we aim to provide all the professional care and education needed for strong and healthy teeth. We find these early dental visits are very useful in enabling a child to grow up without dental fears and phobias.

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