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Is Your Child at Risk of Developing Dental Cavities?

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33Every parent wants their child to grow up with healthy and cavity-free teeth, but sometimes seemingly healthy habits could increase the risk of dental cavities. Certain foods marketed as healthy may contain high levels of hidden sugars. Prime culprits include granola bars, fruit leather and fruit juice. Your child may also be at increased risk if they prefer frequent snacks in between meals.

Assessing Your Child’s Risk of Tooth Decay

Every child visiting our practice is assessed for their risk of developing tooth decay. If we feel your child’s risk is higher, we can provide appropriate treatment to restore teeth already affected by tooth decay, in addition to taking a preventative approach. This will reduce their risk of cavities in the future and there are several ways we can help.

How Apple Dental Can Help

Our dentist can look at your child’s diet, to see if it needs to be adjusted to be more tooth friendly without cutting out all their favourite treats. We can provide personalised tuition on how to brush and floss effectively and thoroughly, and there are preventative dental care treatments that could be useful. These include fluoride applications to help harden their tooth enamel, as well as fissure sealants that are very effective for protecting newly erupted adult back teeth against cavities.

By collaborating closely with you and your child, we aim to help reduce their risk of cavities as much as possible, so they grow up with all the information needed to maintain excellent dental health well into adulthood.

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