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Brighten Your Summer Smile

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The summer weather is enough to make anyone smile, but if your teeth are looking discoloured, why not brighten them up with our take home teeth whitening kit? This is a safe and cost-effective way to achieve a beautifully white and healthy smile. After our dentist has examined your teeth to ensure treatment is safe and appropriate for you, we will create your custom whitening trays, made to exactly fit your teeth.

How Does Treatment Work?

The trays fit tightly yet comfortably over your teeth and are filled with our professional strength whitening gel. We can prescribe the right strength gel for your needs. All you need do is to wear the trays for between four and eight hours each day, or while you sleep, for 14 days. You will begin to notice a difference in just a few days. One of the advantages of a professional home whitening kit is that you can top up the results later on, provided your teeth haven’t changed shape or position.

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