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Why Replace Your Amalgam Fillings

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Biocompatible Nearly Invisible Tooth Coloured Fillings

If your amalgam fillings are getting on a bit, it is worth having them properly assessed by a dentist here at Apple Dental. All restorations require replacing periodically and amalgam fillings are no exception. As they age, they can begin to leak and crumble. At the same time, we know an increasing number of people would prefer not to have more visible amalgam fillings, especially as modern materials offer good, more cosmetically appealing alternatives.

Biocompatible Nearly Invisible Tooth Coloured Fillings

Instead of using silver coloured amalgam, we can replace your fillings with the latest composite resins. This is a material that is highly biocompatible and which creates a nice tight seal with your natural tooth, preventing disease-causing bacteria from entering your tooth. Composite resin comes in a huge range of different shades and our dentists will often use a combination of several different colours to get an exact match to your natural tooth. For larger areas of decay, we can offer porcelain fillings or inlays and onlays. Just as biocompatible, modern porcelains are hard wearing and long-lasting, protecting and restoring strength to your tooth.

If you are concerned about your amalgam fillings, please talk to one of our dentists about safely replacing them.