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The Harmful Effects of Sugar

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Drink Water Instead

Sugar is well known for causing cavities, and increases your risk of gum disease, but in spite of this many of us just can’t resist its lure. It’s especially easy to grab a can of sugary drink that provides a quick burst of energy, but here is why you should stop and think.

An American study estimates drinking just one can of a sugary soft drink each day could lead to 6.75kg of weight gain each year. Being overweight is no joke, and can have serious effects on your general and dental health. Obesity has been linked to numerous serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers, and these in turn have been linked to poor dental health.

Studies have shown people who are severely overweight are more likely to have dental health problems compared to people within a normal weight range, and they are less likely to visit a dentist. If you are overweight you are more at risk of developing diabetes, and the whole situation can soon develop into a vicious circle; diabetes becomes more difficult to control when you have gum disease, while gum disease increases the risk of diabetes. Having diabetes can lead to all sorts of other health problems, including heart disease.

The issue of sugary drinks is so serious that some countries are considering imposing a tax on them.

Drink Water Instead

It is completely free and doesn’t contain any additives or other nasties. Instead of a can of chemicals, just turn on the tap. Water is the perfect way to rehydrate and will help keep your body balanced and healthy. Drinking it can help control your calorie intake, and it’ll keep your skin looking good. It might be hard to give up your soft drinks, but after a while of drinking water we can guarantee they will taste too sweet and too artificial.