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Benefits of Regular Examination, Scale & Clean

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Scale & CleanWe like to see our patients every six months for checkups and hygiene appointments but we know it can be tempting to skip preventative dental care if your teeth seem just fine. Here is why you shouldn’t.

Benefits of Regular Examinations

Your dental health can change during this time and regular checks enable our dentists to detect these small differences so we can take quick action. Earlier treatment is faster and cheaper and will help to preserve your teeth. We can also check for signs of gum disease, a destructive condition that can lead to tooth loss and which may affect your general health. Oral cancer screenings are another important part of your regular dental examination. This disease is often diagnosed in the later stages, when treatment is much more difficult. Our dentists are specially trained to spot early symptoms of this disease so your dental appointment could save your life.

Benefits of a Scale & Clean

No matter how thoroughly you brush and floss, it is easy to miss out certain areas allowing tartar to build up on your teeth. Apart from looking unsightly, tartar releases toxins that cause gum disease. During your scale and clean we will remove any tartar before polishing your teeth which can remove some surface stains and will help your smile sparkle.

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