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Are You Eating Right for Your Teeth?

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ad-sept-1A great diet is essential for both your physical and dental health. Your diet can affect the way your mouth responds to injury and infections and has an enormous impact on the likelihood of decay developing in your teeth. Foods that are rich in nutrients enable your body to fight dental infections effectively and quickly, whereas foods that are highly acidic or sugary increase the risk of erosion which can lead to tooth decay.

Dietary advice from Apple Dental

The staff at Apple Dental can help you maintain healthy teeth by taking a close look at your diet. We can offer advice on foods that are best for good dental health and foods that are best avoided or only enjoyed occasionally. Being more aware of food labels and hidden sugars will ensure that you can avoid these foods in your diet which will help keep your teeth and mouth in top condition.

How does snacking affect your teeth?

Sometimes improving your diet can be as simple as cutting out sugary or carbohydrate rich snacks between meals. Eating these types of snacks frequently means that your teeth are constantly bathed in acid which is produced by the bacteria that thrive on these foods. Increased acidity weakens your tooth enamel and increases your risk of cavities.

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