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Information Sheets

If you would like to view our information sheets, you can download these files by clicking on the links below.

Alternatively, we can post you a brochure! Please contact our reception to request this option.

Brushing and Flossing Chart

Apple Dental | Brushing and Flossing Chart


Apple Dental | Bruxism Infosheet


Apple Dental | CERECCad Infosheet

Cosmetic Dentistry

Apple Dental | Cosmetic Dentistry Infosheet

Dental Implants

Apple Dental | Dental Implants Infosheet

Gum Disease

Apple Dental | Gum Disease Infosheet


Apple Dental | Health Infosheet

Preventive Dentistry

Apple Dental | Preventive Dentistry Infosheet

Teeth Whitening

Apple Dental | Teeth Whitening Infosheet